No refrigeration? What the ...?

Q. Sorry, did you say the meals can stay out of the fridge for over a year?

A. Yes, Happy Camper Gourmet meals are shelf stable for up to two years.  The Best Before date on the package is an indication only and the meals can last for a lot longer if stored properly.

Note, the 2-year shelf life is from the date of preparation of each batch of meals.  Happy Camper Gourmet  endeavours to provide our clients with meals that have the longest possible shelf life when purchased. However, due to the nature of stock turnover, we cannot guarantee that the best before date for every meal at the time of purchase will be a full 2 years.  Please check best before dates for each meal on the website before purchasing for your requirements.


Q. So they're full of preservatives then?

A. No, Happy Camper Gourmet Meals do not contain artificial preservatives unless absolutely required for certain food types (the only recipe in our current collection which contains an artificial preservative is our new Lamb and Mushroom Gnocchi which has a small amount of preservative in the gnocchi itself so that it doesn't collapse during the cooking process).  The meals are hygenically sealed inside tough, lightweight sachets and then cooked at high heat and under high pressure.  No pathogens or bacteria can survive the process and the packaging protects the food from any external invasion once cooked.


Q. I get it - so all the flavour's been nuked out of them?

A. No, we use highly qualified chefs to develop these meals and to ensure that the flavour profiles remain robust and delicious.


Q. OK, they taste good, but is their any nutrition left in them once they've been blasted like that?

A. Absolutely -  pressure cooking has long been used to quickly seal in the nutritional benefits of foods.  We work hard to make sure that all of our meals are high in protein and contain a balanced nutritional profile.  See the features section on each of our products for full nutritional analyses.