Hello happy campers

Welcome to our new website and online store - a different look and feel but the same (and some new) delicious recipes.

For those who are new to Happy Camper Gourmet, our meals are hearty, tasty, nutritious meals that can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime by doing nothing but boiling a pot of water. Yes, we might love camp cooking and some of us have our special recipes passed through the generations, but aren't there some days, say after a long and tiring journey, when all you want to do is eat a hot tasty meal with zero effort, put your feet up with a reviving beverage and enjoy the majestic vista?   


Our meals are not freeze dried or dehydrated, they are delicious ready cooked meals made from fresh Australian ingredients.

Each meal is pressure cooked inside the packaging so requires no refrigeration or freezing and is shelf stable for up to two years! In convenient, lightweight sachets, Happy Camper Gourmet meals are perfect for campers, caravaners, hikers, sailors, bikers, 4WDrivers and anyone on the move (or in fact, anyone else who doesn't feel like cooking!).

Check out our Products section for our full range of delicious, seasonal recipes.