I have allergies - is there anything in here I can eat?

Q. I'm celiac/gluten intolerant - can I eat your meals?

A. Yes, all of our meals except one are gluten free.  The gnocchi in the Lamb and Mushroom Gnocchi does contain wheat flour so this would not be suitable for you. Our damper mixes are also made with wheat flour and we do not, at present, have a gluten free option.


Q. I'm allergic to nuts - can I eat Happy Camper Meals safely?

A. Yes, all Happy Camper Gourmet meals are free of peanuts and their products and tree nuts.  The damper mixes may contain traces of nuts.


Q. What about lactose intolerance?

A. The Chunky Chicken Casserole, the Drover's Beef and Bean and the Beefy Meatballs are all free of milk and milk products.


Q. What about things like fructose and onions and garlic?

A. We have a small number of Bush Country Harvest meals left that do not contain onions and garlic.  We are working on developing a new recipe that can be adapted for this intolerence.